Couch Sailing celebrates Surf, Sails, and Sunsets while hosting people from around the World. Moon Shadow’s mission is to provide a versatile multi-functional vessel that shares time, experience, and voyages. Captain Ron and Pug Raspberry support eco-friendly crews that value life and planet.

This is NOT A CHARTER; the Captain has ventured thousands of Pirate Activities such as treasure hunting, navigating, and diving for the finest booty. Moon Shadow offers Full Galley, Jacuzzi, and Sound System. Chart the hidden side of the Hawaiian Islands; share a SAIL adventure.

Spoils plundered are divided among Castaways and Crew! Team with the ongoing refit of Moon Shadow; an Island-Hopping Vessel! Tired of being a landlubber? Ocean Blue; Join Crew!

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good God would permit us to be Pirates.” – Mark Twain