Rules for Crew and Castaways

WELCOME Castaways and Couch Sailors!


10 Rules of Moon Shadow

  1. On Board includes both work and play. Caution around the vessel while work or play.
  2. Promote mission to others who love the planet and would want to support the project.
  3. Protect and respect Queen Raspberry at all costs. Keep clean fresh water in her dish.
  4. Help on important boat projects and do something positive daily for Moon Shadow.
  5. No one lives aboard. We are all babysitters for Raspberry and Moon Shadow.
  6. Help Float the Boat and Share the cost with your Captain and crew.
  7. Work as a crew, respect and watch out for each other’s well-being.
  8. We are all Castaways. No Bed and Breakfast here.
  9. Support the boat and the boat will support you.
  10. Promote

Now that you know the rules Parley with the Captain to share in the fun!