Moon Shadow

“Moon Shadow” is a 1977 fifty-foot yacht. A First-Class Vessel that flaunts her sails over open water while sharing the Hawaiian Islands. Comfort without comprising: “Life at Sea”. Projects focus on the refurbishment of a Sailboat and the removal of plastics from Oceans.


Captain Ron purchased “Moon Shadow” from the State of Hawaii. Couch-Sailing was established to help travelers avoid the high cost of Hawaii. Moon Shadow is not a Charter, she is a “share the cost” refuge of those that share talent, creativity, and resources.


State of Hawaii opened new docks located at Keehi Small Boat Harbor. The Harbor Master of Keehi invited “Moon Shadow” to a slip. Captain Ron accepted the invitation.


Captain Ron made an appointment with the dry dock to take Moon Shadow; a 35-ton vessel out of water. During dry dock many expensive repairs were performed such as new cutlass bearing, shaft, dripless seal, bottom paint, replacement of valves and fiberglass.


The crew latched onto the old fuel tanks and one by one hoisted them out, followed by two massive water tanks. Later collapsed the entire Galley / Saloon floor in order to make way for a three-person Jacuzzi that had a new Galley / Saloon floor built over.


The crew installed two new stainless tanks; one for fuel and one for water. Reinstall the original 4/236 Perkins diesel long with a rebuilt transmission. Bathroom project kicked off with full size bathtub in place and completed an engine room floor.


Worked the hull / deck joint on the port side to seal the joint once and for all. A big project overall, ¾ of the hull / deck joint to go.


Focused on paying down the debt that was occurred due to all the changes and upgrades. Rejoined the U.S. Military and volunteered to deploy anywhere around the world.


Installed plumbing to drain away gray water from the full-size bathtub and installed a temporary bar in the galley.

Moon Shadow at Dock
Moon Shadow in Dry Dock
Moon Shadow Buoy Run
Work never stops on Moon Shadow
Working on the new engine